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International Views on Drug Use

International Views on Drug Use

Views on Drug Use in Asia

Many people abuse drugs in the world today, and this number is increasing constantly. Different countries have different cultural beliefs about addiction, and they also have different ways of dealing with addicts. Some of these views on drug abuse and addicts help people more than others do, but professional treatment can help anyone get and stay clean.

US Views on Addiction

In America, the cultural beliefs about addiction can be divided in two: the behavior model and the disease model. According to the behavior model, addiction is a matter of choice, which means individuals have control over what they do, and thereby their addictions. While it may be difficult to stop using drugs, it can be done if people have the willpower. According to this view, addicts are morally weak. On the other hand, the disease model states that addiction is a mental illness tied to brain structure, so it is not completely about choice. Biochemical changes in the brain affect the user’s behavior, so people are prone to addiction due to their genes and various neurological factors.

People who do not have a genetic predisposition to addiction may still become addicts when chemical changes in the brain connect harmful behaviors with a pleasure response. While users can learn to resist harmful behaviors and addiction, an addictive personality will make it difficult for such individuals to recover completely.

Europe’s Views on Addiction

In many countries, the attitude towards drug use is quite liberal. In certain European countries, marijuana abuse is considered normal and is widely accepted. While these countries have different views on other drugs, their liberal thinking makes it easier for drug addicts to seek help since there is no stigma attached to drug use in general. In such societies, help is easily available and more widely used by a larger percentage of drug addicts.

Asia’s Views on Addiction

In certain countries in Asia and the Middle East, where the societies are usually traditional, the cultural beliefs about addiction are often based on religious views. Addiction may be condemned and considered morally sinful. In such societies, addiction is not viewed as a disease, but as a choice made by the individual. Cultural views of relapse also reflect the same rationale: when an individual relapses, it only strengthens the belief that the individual is morally weak, therefore unable to stop the harmful behavior.

Addiction Help for All Cultures

Although the cultural beliefs about addiction are diverse, it is largely accepted that addiction help is important for users to recover. In response to this view, our admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day to help you find treatment. Call our toll-free helpline now to learn more about your treatment options and how professional addiction help can help you get and stay clean.