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How Often Do People Return to Rehab After Relapse?

How Often Do People Return to Rehab After Relapse?

Returning to Rehab After Relapse

For many addicts in recovery, relapse is a real threat to their sobriety. Without a doubt, attempting to stay sober for a long period of time can be the most challenging part of recovery, because it can be so difficult to sustain sobriety. Because it is so difficult to stay sober, many addicts find themselves relapsing for one reason or another. While relapse is common (some reports claim that relapse rates in America are upwards of 90%), it is important that those who relapse get treatment as quickly as possible.

How to Treat Relapse after Rehab

Relapse is a part of addiction recovery, even though not all recovering addicts experience it. It is important that individuals understand that, if relapse occurs, there is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about. Going back to rehab after relapse can be incredibly beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Transition – In many cases, relapse occurs because the transition from rehab to the real world was difficult. Therefore, going back to rehab provides another chance to transition well, and attack it from a different angle to avoid relapse.
  • Support – Most relapses happen when a recovering addict does not have the right support system in place. Going back to rehab can send users back to the drawing board to build a better support system that sustains recovery.
  • Realization – Sometimes it takes a painful relapse for an individual to understand how powerful addiction is. After experiencing a relapse and heading back to rehab, addicts have the opportunity not only to realize how dangerous relapse can be, but also to learn new skills that prevent relapse from happening again in the future.

Going to rehab after relapse can improve the transition back into the real world, create an opportunity for users to regain support and teach users how powerful addiction truly is.

Life after Relapse and Rehab

For many addicts, it takes only one bout with relapse to get back on track to remain sober. Since every individual addict is different, each user is bound to have different experiences with relapse and rehab, meaning that one user might need to go back to rehab more frequently, or not at all. Either way, it is important to understand that relapse is a part of recovery. And, if individuals keep a strong line of communication open with their treatment facilities and support groups, they can work through relapse and achieve a life of sobriety.

Help Overcoming Addiction and Relapse

Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now to find help treating addiction and relapse. Do not let the disappointment of relapse keep you from getting sober; call us today to get the help that you deserve.